The East Cape Road; Linking the inevitable vision.

The word’s out !

Just about everyone Is talking about the new South- East Cape highway, in regards to the road construction soon to commence.   

The subject is big news for those who live out there, and drive the bumpy dirt road every day.

Contractors, for example, building homes out on the coast face challenges and complicated logistics, moving men and materials Into the South East Cape’s  remote areas.

Specifically, we are referring to the partially- Paved,  15  mile stretch of road between the beach communities of La Playita, La Laguna, Los Zacatitos and Bahia Terranova, because this is the zone

 for the  first phase of the new East Cape highway system.

 The main purpose for  building this new highway Is to create a smooth and clean paved access for the  future development of several  5 star ( plus ) destination resorts which will rest on large chunks of ocean-front property located north-east of San Jose.

The Mayan Palace property for example, is nestled a stone’s throw away from the sleepy communities  of Santa Cruz, Altos,  Los Zacatitos, and Lomas del Mar, a new, soon-to-be -gated,  45  lot ocean view subdivision .

Locally, the new highway will foment new movement in the way of commercial development and  residential  communities  between the  La Laguna traffic circle and the Los Zacatitos traffic  circle.

The new East Cape highway will skirt the backside of Monte Mar, a larger partial of undeveloped land which is located within the boundaries of Los Zacatitos, and will someday be  developed into an  up-scale residential community, overlooking the Mayan Palace resort, and the Los Zacatitos coastline.

The traffic circle located about 6.5 miles east of San Jose, is where the tributary road turns right, down the hill, into the Rancho de los Zacatitos communities.

The formal plan is to build an additional road from the traffic circle, veering off to the left, and passing through the west side of the Mayan Palace property located a half a mile to the east.

The inevitable vision;

Just a mile up the road from the Los Zacatitos traffic circle, we will pass the extravagant main gates of a new Mayan Palace destination resort on the right, and to the left, a commercial plaza with movie theatres and shopping center.

The master plan is to have this road, the new South - East Cape highway, follow an inland path, passing along the backside of other residential communities, including Playa Tortuga, Rancho Tortuga, Alacran, the Terranova II development, Santa Elena, Rancho los Amigos,  Vinorama,  Costa de Oro, Boca del Salado, La Linia, Los Frieles,  Cabo Pulmo,  Punta Colorado and re-connecting to the paved  highway located 6 miles south of  La Ribera.

La Ribera is where you will find the new, grand-scale, marina development, Cabo Riviera.

The new highway is being funded by the landowners who plan on building the 5 star resorts.

Access is everything, and they are creating it.

Tributary roads will connect the new highway with the coast road in strategic locations.

From south-west to the north east; La Laguna, Los Zacatitos, Playa Tortuga, Bahia Terranova,

Vinorama, Los Frieles and Cabo Pulmo.

The loop

 Driving further on, it will be your choice to turn right at the La Cuevas intersection

Where you can return to the International airport and San Jose, a 45 minute drive south.

 To the right, head north to Buena Vista, Los Barrilles, San Bartolo, San Antonio, El Triumpho

or La Paz, about 2 hours north of this ntersection.

When the first phase of the new East Cape highway is completed, the Mayan’s will take control of the coast road located to the north of Santa Cruz by the beach, and fence it, closing off road access from Santa Cruz’s north property line.

For example, Santa Cruz residents surfing the north coast will no longer drive the old coast road. They must  drive back up the tributary road to the traffic circle, about 1.5 miles, turn right, go north about 3 miles, and intersect with the coast road  about 1 mile south of Shipwrecks  beach.

 3.3 km. of coastal property will be in the landowners control and for this reason, camping will most likely be prohibited within this 3.3 km. area, including the annual

Pig Roast / Horseshoe Tournament, held at Km. 85 each February.

This event is prepared each year by Jeff and Diane,

and Pier Azcona, developer of Playa Tortuga, and supported by local residents.

 Jeff has home court advantage, and with his chosen partner wins the horseshoe tournament, and Pier an excellent chef, prepares and cooks the giant slab of pork, roasting it over his custom made mesquite Bbq.  Pier will feed 50 -100 people, while the local community contributes with a side dishes of all kinds, and spread out on long tables.


 The easement rights through the long stretch of desert between La Laguna turn off and Los Zacatitos turn off was granted, and paid for.

The construction company is gearing up and preparing the equipment and supplies to get started.

The allocated funds wait patiently in the bank, ready for disbursement.

The Governor and Municipal President, we believe, have given the approval to proceed.

The changes are radical, and will become a reality very soon.

New Corridor

The Vision begins in San Jose by crossing the newly constructed bridge 1.2 km. in length,

 Traversing the San Jose arroyo, passenger and driver are greeted by the 50 ft. high- bronze figure. Symbolizing the East Cape’s fishing prosperity, with a posture promising a positive future through planned development and controlled growth.

From this point you know you are entering the gateway to Tomorrowland, the new domain of mega yachts, luxury homes and 36 holes of world class golf.


25 years ago, a formal plan to build the marina was in an altogether different location.

 One man’s dream was to build a grand scale marina 6.5 miles east of San Jose, 

In the estuary located there.

This area is a delicate zone; a natural aquifer, and sanctuary for sea life, and birds.

 Mr. Curt Lorenz, ex-U.S. Air Force and developer of the Marina Sol condominiums in Cabo San Lucas

 had a deposit in escrow to  purchase  the estuary property.

Curt was establishing partnerships to fund and build the project.

 Curt had created an exciting concept that was ahead of its time. ( see illustration ).

An unfortunate turn of events stopped this plan abruptly.

While flying through the mountains near Bishop California, he crashed his Cessna Turbo-prop

and did not survive. With him, in his brief case, were all the documents, plans and details.

If Curt was still with us, the marina would have been built in the La Laguna estuary.

Mankind does not stand still.

The list of todays’ big players is a heavy one.  In their hands lay the East Capes’ master plan;

Paved highways and tributary roads will connect us to the destination resorts. a golden chain.

The International airport is theoretically, the hub of a wheel.

Coming soon

TODAY, experience the East Cape in its natural state.

Hopefully, the essence of the natural beauty will not be taken away.

Coming soon, the inevitable vision will be reality.

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