Los Cabos

Los Cabos...a name which encompasses an area of land located 1,100 miles south of San Diego, located on the southern tip of the Baja peninsula,and is serviced by an international airport.

The Pacific ocean on the west side, and the Sea of cortez on the east.

Living the lifestyle!

Los Cabos literally translates to "The Capes" in English and includes the area between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas.

Each of these locations is gifted with a micro-climate of it´s own. The diversity of language, history, weather, and location...This is Los Cabos.

Big game fish, turtles, lobster, Crystal water with world class surfing waves, Golden sand of honed shells and granite. Cactus and oak trees, Buzzards and eagles, towering mountains and flowing arroyos.

Quail and Dove, puffy white clouds, hot summer days and cool breezy winter evenings. Windsurfers, fishermen, kitesurfers, sailors, snorklers and scuba divers.

Bird watchers and turtle lovers. Motorcyclists and bicyclers, 4 wheelers and dune buggies...

The Estruary, summer of 2010. Dream conditions for surfing. Large snook. sea bass and Sierra patrol the inside holes and sandbars. Air temp. 96, water temp; 88 degrees. The wax melted off our boards.

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